Dr. Claudia  Cano

Dr. Claudia Cano

A body whisperer, medical doctor, and much-loved facilitator, Dr Claudia Cano is known for her unique ability to communicate with people's bodies energetically, to allow them to get to the place of creating their life instead of trying to stumble through it.

Claudia was born and raised in Mexico with a very different view on life, a different view on physical bodies and what the body can do. Since an early age, she recognized that bodies have amazing capacities that are constantly giving us information and awareness of everything going on around us. Her invitation is unique and empowers you to include the joy of being with your body, playing with your body and the happiness that brings to life.

Dr Claudia Cano facilitates Access body classes worldwide, which give people awareness of energies they can perceive, energies they can access that that have not yet accessed, and the possibilities for a level of potency and power that they never knew they had.