Wanda McCallum

Wanda McCallum, specialized international speaker and trainer serving organizations throughout the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Having been in the counseling field for over a decade, Wanda is extremely excited and passionate about her new AWAKEN Center clients who are experiencing a level of transformation and growth that she observed only on rare occasions in her private practice as a psychotherapist. Today, Wanda spends most of her time building and growing the Higher Brain Living® Community in the Southeast, while continuing part-time as a speaker, trainer and licensed counselor. After experiencing her own radical life-changing transformation during training, Wanda opened up the first Higher Brain Living® AWAKEN Center in the Southeast. Her Atlanta-based Center grew so quickly that Wanda had to relocate facilitators from other parts of the country to help her with her over-abundance of clients. As a seasoned international speaker and salesperson for over 10 years, Wanda was also invited to join Higher Brain Living® as a National Presenter to help enroll others to become licensed and trained facilitators. As a licensed professional counselor in Georgia, Wanda has provided Continuing Education classes for Higher Brain Living® to other counseling professionals.