Gala  Jackson

Gala Jackson

Gala Jackson, M.Ed. is a millennial expert, resume writer, and career coach passionate about helping millennials find fulfilling careers, she uses her extensive industry knowledge and experience to serve clients. Gala is known for her engaging high-energy approach, knack for conveying a practical, inspiring message, and unique ability to connect with each client.

Gala is the CEO and Career Management Consultant of InterviewSnob, a full-service career consulting boutique that provides career solutions to young professionals in the US and international markets.

Gala offers more than 8 years of career development experience. In addition to her work with nationally and internationally recognized higher education institutions, she is a contributor to Careerealism’s Happy Grad Project, Spokesperson for Southworth by Neenah’s Land the Job Campaign, and Resume Coach for the National Sales Network Career Center.