Shadoe  Stevens

Shadoe Stevens

Shadoe Stevens is one of the most recognized voices in the world, but that’s just the beginning. For decades, he has been an innovator and star of radio, television, film, visual arts and New Media and the Internet. Shadoe has defined his career through innovation and thinking out of the box.

He created and launched the most successful rock station in the country, “World Famous” KROQ-FM” in Los Angeles, and the most successful Album Oriented Rock station, KMET-FM in Los Angeles. He created and starred in one of the most successful regional advertising campaigns in U.S. history: west coast home electronics giant Fred Rated for “The Federated Group.” He was the Founder of RhythmRadio, “The Sound of the World in a Good Mood,” that had programming on the radio in 30 countries and programming online in seven languages.

Shadoe has won Cleo Awards, the Big Apple Award for advertising, and the Billboard Magazine Radio Personality of the Year Award.