Susan  Ludington

Susan Ludington

Susan Ludington, PhD, CNM, FAAN is an expert in infant development and kangaroo care (KC). She has a PhD in Nursing and Child Development and Psychology and is a Certified Nurse Midwife. Her study of early sensory stimulation on newborn development led her to establish the Infant Development Education Association of America and pen her popular book “How to Have a Smarter Baby.”

The first U.S. researcher funded by the National Institutes of Health for study of KC, Dr. Ludington has had a crucial role in establishing KC as the gold standard for family centered care and infant care. KC is now recommended for all newborns by the CDC and the AAP. She has received many awards, including the Excellence in Research Award (AWHONN) and the Audrey Hepburn Award for Contributions to International Infant Health (Sigma Theta Tau). A first-year inductee in the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame, she has received the Oration of Honor from the International Network for Kangaroo Mother Care.