Chris  Mayer

Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer learned how to value companies clocking a decade as a corporate banker while also earning his MBA. He never lost money on a single deal. In 2004, he founded Capital & Crisis. His second letter, Mayer’s Special Situations, launched in 2006, expands his coverage and focuses on spinoffs, thrift conversions, stocks from around the world and more.

Chris has been quoted by MarketWatch and been a guest on Forbes on Fox, Fox Business, CNN Radio and Russia Today TV and made multiple CNBC and radio appearances. He also contributed to The Washington Post.

Chris shared his investing wisdom in two books. His first, Invest “Like a Dealmaker: Secrets From a Former Banking Insider”, covers time-tested essential principles of investing. “World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents” takes you on a round-the-world journey from Brazilian farmlands to Dubai’s gold souks, from Chinese shopping malls to South African markets.