Dr. Mary  Archer

Dr. Mary Archer

Dr. Mary Archer, Breath of Life Arts, lives her life in show business, breathoflifearts@gmail.com. As part of the dance team Stanford & Lynn, she shared the stage with Danny Thomas, Dionne Warwick, Cab Calloway, Gregory Hines, and Paul Anka, among others. At the ripe young age of 76, she’s recognized for her progress from “Dance Performer to Dance Revolutionist” by taking tap dancing to a higher level. She’s committed to communicating the importance of creative arts in dance. She’s convinced that the wisdom and knowledge gained makes a difference in people’s lives, will bring transformation to the world, and remove the boundaries in which we live.

She’s developing her new Tap Dance program. This includes a brain integrated component, which helps people understand how to let ‘your heart move your feet’. After research on brain science, she believes that participating in something we love to do and that challenges us relates to the “Inner Healing” of the Heart, the Wellspring of Life.