Robert  Earle

Robert Earle

Founder and CEO of 123gaming, Rob combines his IT expertise with a passion for racing and gaming, and over 20 years of management experience at senior level. Rob has worked in a variety of senior management positions for large corporations such as Qantas Airlines, Bull Information Systems, Wang, AT&T Global Information Systems, NatWest Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland and Cantor Fitzgerald (, the world's largest share broker. As a former director of Addington Raceway in New Zealand, Rob also has a long-standing relationship with the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club, and has since devoted himself to developing 123gaming.

Rob believes that racing and betting are first and foremost about fun. He has a lifelong association with, and love for horse racing, stretching back to his youth in New Zealand as a stable hand. In his spare time he enjoys amateur harness-racing driving, and breeds standardbred horses at home. Robert enjoys Advanced Amateur Driver status, allowing him to compete in live Televised Tote Advanced Amateur Races. Robert's vision, energy, and innovative ideas combined with a big personality and love of horse racing, make him an outstanding figurehead for 123gaming.