Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D.

Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D. is an internationally respected psychologist, author and seminar leader. She believes that we can accomplish great things, whether in business, at work or at home, when we connect with the value in ourselves and in others.

Dr. Nelson's work as a business trial consultant and psychologist requires the study and understanding of people--real people--not the theoretical customer or employee discussed at business schools. As a result, her approach to solving the issues facing businesses and workers today does not come from an MBA perspective but rather from the experience she has gleaned from her 25-plus years in the rigorous world of business litigation.

Dr. Nelson shares a proactive and positive outlook in all her books (12 books in all) and seminars. In "Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy", she shows how an appreciated employee is a happy employee. And happy employees translate into a company making more money. In "Got a Bad Boss? Work that Boss to Get What You Want at Work" Dr. Nelson shows how workers can succeed despite a bad boss.