Jodi  Pliszka

Jodi Pliszka

Winner of The Enterprising Woman of the Year Award. Jodi is the Inventor of HEADLINE IT!, an Award Winning Author, Clinical Therapist, and CEO. Jodi was a Top Finalist on ABC American Inventor TV Show, Featured on Lifetime TV Health Corner,Montel Williams, Entrepreneur, Forbes, NBC, FOX, CBS,and more. As a Masters Level Psychologist, Jodi is able to teach valuable tricks to help people with their personal branding in business and in everyday life.

Through her life experiences, laid out in her award winning book Bald Is Beautiful; My Journey To Becoming, Jodi presents cutting edge strategies on how to become your best, to breakthrough and perform at your peak. Defy the limitations of your past and break out of your negative thinking patterns to demonstrate who you really are. It all starts with the right mindset to change your finances, your relationships and anything you want to improve on in life.

Learn to condition yourself for success and break through the fears that hold you back.