Andrew  Szabo

Andrew Szabo

Andrew Szabo, aka The Marketing Chef® is an inspirational keynote speaker, marketing author, and strategic facilitator who works with organizations and entrepreneurs to strategically stir up profitable new revenues by becoming “simply irresistible®”. With over 30 years experience in the industry, clients have included Dell, HSBC, Hyatt Hotels, Sony, and R.K.O. and a myriad of smaller ventures.

He’s the author of Foundations to Irresistible Marketing a 5-disc CD set + 150 page manual which the late Zig Ziglar called “the whole shootin’ match.” Ebby Halliday, Dallas’ “First Lady” of Real Estate, described Simply Irresistible as ““The best marketing presentation I’ve seen.”

During his tenure at Rapp Collins the world’s largest direct marketing agency, Andrew was responsible for presentations that each generated in excess of one million dollars in revenue for the firm.