Angela  Taylor

Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor is a great example of the transitional entrepreneur. She and her husband Jeff have five children and four grandchildren, who decided in 2006 to reset the landscape of Grand Haven, Michigan and build from scratch one of the most successful Culvers franchises in the Midwest.

It is an amazing story!

Angela embraces hiring 'Superior-Seniors' and is a community ambassador supporting many causes and the needs of West Michigan's Tri-Cities.

The Taylor's began construction on their project in November of 2006 and opened April 29th, 2007.

The restaurant opened during the recession and was difficult to maintain during the first couple years. With the support of the community we have been able to sustain our business and grow every year.

Angela thanks her family, friends and the communities who support us daily. Without the continued support of family, friends, vendors, and community, we would not be here today.

Culver's is a family business that supports the values of our community. I am proud to be a part of this organization and hope to continue with our mission to be a strong contributing business today and in the years to come.