Joyce  Poole

Joyce Poole

Joyce Poole, Director of ElephantVoices is one of our world’s foremost authorities on elephant, under her mentor Cynthia Moss and the Amboseli Elephant Research Project forming an unparalleled body of knowledge and the world’s longest study of elephants.

Dr. Poole received her BA with high honors from Smith College in 1979, her Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1982 and completed her post-doctoral research at Princeton University. As head of the Elephant Program of Kenya Wildlife Service from 1990-1994, Dr. Poole was responsible for elephant conservation and management throughout Kenya. She has written numerous popular articles, scientific publications, including ‘Coming of Age with Elephants’ and ‘Elephants’, and more than 75 TV Documentaries.

Her work sets the spotlight and standards for elephants and their interests in captivity and the wild. She is a leading author of ‘The Elephant Charter’ and has appeared as expert witness on behalf of elephants in legal cases around the world