Susie  Connerley

Susie Connerley

Susie Connerley is an Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer with over 6 years experience and formal training/certification in nutrition, psychology, energy therapy, massage therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation and self-love. Driven by a desire to help people to live happier, healthier lives, Susie draws on a variety of disciplines to help people achieve their goals and reach new milestones, personally and professionally.

Her unique programs and coaching sessions transcend the norm, integrating NLP and other powerful techniques to make the necessary changes in thoughts and feelings for fast, easy and lasting change in body, mind and spirit. She quickly sees through symptoms to root out whatever stands in the way, and with her practical approach, makes self-transformation easy and fun!

Susie has a BS in Psychology, is certified in NLP, and is a Rising Star™ Practitioner/Teacher and Prema Birthing™ Practitioner/Teacher. Learn more and get started: