Laura Diana  Lopez

Laura Diana Lopez

Laura Diana Lopez, is committed to living as more of herself, and less of who others expect her to be. A true Renaissance Woman, her Master’s Degree in Psychology harmonizes with certifications in Intuitive Energy Medicine, Conscious Bodywork, Reiki, Yin Yoga and Integrative Health Coaching. In concert with twenty five years of corporate experience she facilitates a practical and multi faceted approach to transformation. Laura stands for raising conscious awareness as a model for moving through life. From this model, she has co-authored the anthology, You are Whole, Perfect and Complete, to be published in November 2014. She is also authoring The Transformative Practice of Choice, scheduled for publication in 2015. When Laura isn’t writing, speaking or consulting, you’ll find her cooking in the kitchen, or on the open road for a photo-shoot, manifesting the essence and Art of Life.