Phoebe  Hutchison

Phoebe Hutchison

Phoebe Hutchison, author of "Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to You and Honeymooners Forever: Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide”. She holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling and is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling. She has worked extensively as a qualified counsellor with clients in crisis and is excited to share her strategies with a wider audience. Hutchison’s new guide, "Are You Listening?

Life is Talking to You!" outlines her time-tested methods for identifying positive life strategies that will lead to peace and success in every area of life. Case studies included in the text demonstrate real-life examples of how people’s lives can be transformed when they “listen” to life. Hutchison has shared these strategies with her clients, who have turned their own lives around as well. She will discuss "Are You Listening?"