Ana Maria  Alvarez

Ana Maria Alvarez

Ana Maria Alvarez is a Cuban-American choreographer, born and raised in the United States. She received a BA in Dance and Politics from Oberlin College, moved to Brooklyn where she lived, danced and performed in NY for several years before heading to Los Angeles. Alvarez received her MFA in Choreography from UCLA. Her thesis work, which explored the abstraction of Latin Dance, specifically Salsa, as a way to express social resistance with in the US immigration battle, eventually became the impetus for founding CONTRA-TIEMPO in 2005. Alvarez is regularly invited to speak about her work in national and international venues. She was invited by the LA Department of Cultural Affairs and America Dance Abroad, to represent Los Angeles contemporary dance and CONTRA-TIEMPO at Internationale Tanzmesse, in Germany. She is currently an artist in residence at UCLA's Center for the Art of Performance.