Bill  Clutter

Bill Clutter

Licensed private investigator Bill Clutter began his career in 1985 when he was hired to serve the Voting Rights Act suit against 5 elected commissioners for denying minorities representation in city government. Bill has become known for his work on wrongful conviction cases. Illinois’ Rolando Cruz, Alejandro Hernandez, and Randy Steidl were all sentenced to die and due to Bill’s work and that of others, were all exonerated. True crime book Victims of Justice, by Thomas Frisbie and Randy Garrett, tells the story of Cruz and Hernandez where police and prosecutors were arrested for their egregious misconduct. Randy Steidl has become a spokesperson for Witness to Innocence. Bill is the founder of the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project. He has recently started a new national project called Investigating Innocence, whose mission is to provide investigative support to indigent inmates, lawyers & Innocence Projects throughout the United States seeking to prove claims of actual innocence.