Randall  Britt

Randall Britt

I am a financial planner who felt a moral obligation to do something about the growing problem of homelessness for our returning Veterans. Coming from a military family and being an Air Force brat throughout the 60's and 70's I was able to recognize early on the differences in returning Veterans from that era and the Veterans today. I understand the transition from military life to civilian life and the survival process both from the perspective of a child, teenager and as an adult. I created Cardboard Concepts in 2010 as a way to bring awareness to homelessness using cardboard just as our homeless do to ask for money, work or help. The goal is to assist in the process of eradication of homelessness for Veterans.

Teaming up with Chris Cole, who once worked with me in finance and is now a retired Disabled Veteran, we created America's Homeless Veterans as National Advocates to Advancement of Homeless Veterans. The goals of this organization include attaining and sustaining affordable housing for Veterans and bringing medical services to our homeless Veterans using a tele-medicine vehicle now under design and assembly. This vehicle brings the exam room to the urban environment. With the recent discovery of the 120 day backlog at the VA hospital congress has authorized medical cards to all Veterans that can be used at any service provider. We propose to fill that void and work to keep our Veterans healthy whether on the street, a shelter or home by bring essential medical services to them.