Tim  Windle

Tim Windle

Tim Windle lives in Langley, British Columbia. He’s the biological father of 2 daughters, of which the youngest, 28, is affected by FASD. He and his wife of 20 years, Barb, have experienced the many challenges, such as obstacles and lack of support for raising an FASD-affected daughter. In dealing with a system that does not have the understanding required to adequately support his daughter and others like her, he’s become an outspoken and strong advocate for her. To fill the gap in services, he partnered with Jessica Hutton Rantala to create a proposal to the Government of British Columbia for a new system. After months of negotiations, the proposal was accepted and supported by 4 different government agencies which, for the first time ever, worked together as a team. Staff were trained and hired and the program opened to 3 young women on December1, 2014