James  Johnson

James Johnson

James Johnson is co-inventor of Vortis Technology. With 40 years in electro-magnetic high-tech products. At 18 he adjusted a flux value magnetic sensor on top of a nuclear armed B-52; USAF. He was introduced to health risks in 1972 using his first attaché mobile phone. In 1998 he helped close Nokia’s first embedded antenna. Specializing in a near field engineering for ergonomic antennas. Vortis is now a better hearing solution that includes safety, energy and performance. It reduces wasted signal to the head, hand and body.

James forces discussions in Science, Standards and Solutions and gained notoriety when the US FCC regulations were changed and Vortis' innovation exemplified. Scotland’s UK Trade and Industry named James an Innovator and Vortis Story is now a historical record as an IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology: “Array Antennas for Better Hearing and Humanity. James says he’s reducing global warming of heads and the most asked question: “can you hear me now?”