Allison Carmen

Allison Carmen, author of The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times. Former attorney, Allison Carmen, was an addict, but her addiction wasn’t to drugs, alcohol, or even gambling; her addiction was to certainty. Every moment, Allison desperately sought to know or predict what would happen next, trapping her in a spiral of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. Now, a life coach and business consultant, Carmen shares how embracing the concept of “Maybe” dramatically improved her life and outlook in The Gift of Maybe. Sharing her own stories as well as those of her clients, Carmen shows that by adopting the mindset of “maybe,” we can reduce the stress and worry in our lives and open the doors to hope and possibility. She shows that whether you have just lost a job or are dealing with concerns about health, money, or relationships, THE GIFT OF MAYBE provides the tools needed to cope with these life experiences with a new way of thinking.