John  Hollis

John Hollis

John Hollis’s concepts and visions are followed by millions through his developments and launches. Here are some- Rockers In Recovery All-Star Band, Rockers In Recovery NON Profit, Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions, RIR Video Production, RIR Live Streaming, Rockers In Recovery Magazine, Rockers In Recovery Unplugged, Rockers In Recovery Addiction Referral Network, Rockers In Recovery Concerts and Festivals,Holistic Lifestyles Radio, and Holistic Lifestyles Magazine.

January 2008 John founded/developed and now over sees all of Rockers In Recovery platforms, operations, and marketing along with: Sponsorship Drives, Social Media Development, RIR All-Star Band Bookings, Development and Promotions, Festival and Concert Scheduling,Promotions and Productions, RIR Magazine Production Sales and Promotions, RIR Radio Station Production Programing, Sales and Promotions, SEO and Development of five RIR websites, Sales and Promotions.