Karen B.  Chin

Karen B. Chin

Karen B. Chin, RN, MS, HTCP

Karen has been the President of HTWF since July 2012. She is an HTCP/I and has been a certified practitioner for over 10 years, having begun her Healing Touch journey in 1997. She has a growing energy business called Touch of the Phoenix located in Northeast Texas. A Board member since 2010, Karen was once its Secretary, and at various times served on both the Bylaws and Grant Awarding committees. In addition to teaching RN nursing students, she works at a local hospital as an operating room and recovery nurse - and trains in karate. She is retired from the US Air Force Reserve as a field grade Lt. Col. officer. Her household includes her husband, Steven Kelly, and her 80+ year old mother (and her cat!) Excited and brimming with enthusiasm, Karen seeks to bring the Foundation to a higher level of influence as we continue to help this planet's energy with all the light, intention, and knowledge that only we, as a Healing Touch family, can.