Peter J.  Wallison

Peter J. Wallison

Peter J. Wallison, a codirector of AEI’s program on financial policy studies, researches banking, insurance, and securities regulation. Former General Counsel of the US Treasury Department, White House counsel to Ronald Reagan, and distinguished AEI scholar, Peter Wallison is a lone voice worth hearing following President Obama's State of the Union. The president talked about the “American Dream of owning a home” while overlooking a critical point that could cost us everything.

Wallison, who was the lone dissenter on the congressionally authorized Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, explains why we got it very wrong back then and how we are now poised to replay the same catastrophic mistakes.

He details why the financial crisis of 2008 is ready to repeat itself in his fact-driven expose, Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis—and Why It Could Happen Again (Encounter).