Randall  White

Randall White

Randall White is an executive development coach, leadership educator and internationally known author. He is a Principal in the Executive Development Group, an Adjunct Professor at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and he teaches at Duke Corporate Education.

Randy's interests lie in where leaders come from, how they develop, and their eventual success. As co-author of “Breaking the Glass Ceiling,” he has had a major impact on the way women are viewed as leaders. His book, “Relax, It's Only Uncertainty,” co-authored with Phil Hodgson, expands their earlier research on how leaders can be more effective by embracing rather than avoiding uncertainty. Randy has also written in both popular and scientific outlets on leadership.

Recently he authored the capstone chapter in a new book, “The Perils of Accentuating the Positive.”

Randy holds an AB from Georgetown University, an MS from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a PhD from Cornell.