Bill  Brown

Bill Brown

Bill Brown, a registered pharmacist, holds the BSc in Pharmacy. His current focus is methadone maintenance treatment. As a senior business executive, his career included international business development services to Express Scripts Inc., the third largest U.S pharmacy benefits management company. Previously he was President and CEO of Aetna Health Management Canada Inc., which introduced managed-care principles to large Canadian corporations. He also was President and CEO of First Canadian Health, created to manage the Federal Benefits Program for the Canada’s First Nations Peoples, a unique relationship between the federal government, the Tribal Councils Investment Group of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Aetna Life. From 1990 to 1997 he was President and CEO of Columbia Health Care Inc., a company he founded and expanded into the largest provider of private rehabilitation services with 33 clinics across Canada. Prior to that he was President and CEO of Medis Health and Pharmaceutical Inc.