Asher  Fox, Sc.B., C.Ht.

Asher Fox, Sc.B., C.Ht.

Asher Fox is a Subconscious Behaviorist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who for over 18 years has specialized in helping those who suffer from being chronically overweight heal the subconscious issues that drive them to eat emotionally. He also works with singles to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns that leave them feeling alone and unfulfilled. Asher has the highest credentials in Subconscious Behaviorism, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been on the faculty of two institutions teaching a variety of courses ranging from Understanding the Subconscious Mind to Creating Trust & Intimacy. He is the author of Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating...For Good!