Veronique  Desaulniers, DC

Veronique Desaulniers, DC

Dr. Desaulniers graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1979 from Life Chiropractic College, and took many postgraduate seminars and qualifications. She made a career out of teaching people how to take care of their bodies. It was a devastating blow for her to be diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought that she was doing everything right, yet here was the unmistakable news she was not. Delving into the problem, with deep and motivated research, Dr. V (as she is generally called) found that cancer is not an evil invader, it is a message of love from the body saying, “If you keep doing the things you always have done, you will get the same results.” Here was an opportunity for transformation, learning, and life management. Dr. V now is passionately involved with helping other women solve the same problem that she had, and showing them the shining path towards healing naturally. Along the way, she wrote “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally”, which became an number one best seller.