Rob  Orchanian

Rob Orchanian

Rob Orchanian is the creator of the VEDGE’ Kids. Rob is also a certified NYC Math teacher with extensive knowledge in childhood education & learning theory. In addition, Rob is a financial pro. He worked on Wall Street 30 years & is the father of five healthy kids.

As an educator, Rob knows that a modern curriculum uses all of a child’s senses to impart knowledge, not just words & information. Kids learn best when interested & engaged! Models, music & story foster a child’s long-term memory about a healthy lifestyle. Rob feels that the global obesity epidemic means there’s a genuine need for health oriented preschool TV. Failed attempts to target kids focus on indoctrination not entertainment, so Rob created the VEDGE’ Kids, anthropomorphic fruits & veggies, to encourage a healthy lifestyle using fun & excitement. The VEDGE’ Kids are being reviewed for a preschool TV animation. Rob’s goal is to change a generation of kid’s lives by inspiring them to eat healthy and be active.