Jeffrey  Maupin

Jeffrey Maupin

Jeffrey Maupin comes to us from the far north: Barrow, AK. Half Caucasian and half Eskimo, he mirrors the population in Barrow. After graduating college with a degree in accounting, and working in accounting for some years, Jeffrey started a company that serviced vending machines in Barrow. He soon realized that the ingredients in the “foods” he was selling were harmful to the health of his customers. When he learned about the Gerson Therapy, he found that he resonated with it strongly. Since then, he has dedicated himself to bringing this knowledge to his neighbors and other Alaskans. He now sells Gerson materials, advertises and speaks out hoping that he can improve the poor health status of the local population. His efforts are beginning to bear fruit, but he is ready for the long haul. Hear about the special challenges of little fresh food, brainwashed patients, millennia of entrenched dietary tradition and being the only advocate for Gerson within 1,000 miles.