Jessica Hutton Rantala

Jessica Hutton Rantala is a Behaviour Specialist specializing in supports for persons living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and for their family caregivers and families. She has a sister and nephew with FASD. Her education, including a degree in Psychology, as well as her personal experience gives her a unique understanding of FASD, the struggles it brings and the strategies that work. She and her consulting firm, Jessica Hutton Rantala Consulting,, provide program development, customized training, and crisis intervention and behavior consultation. She’s implemented an FASD Pilot Program for the government of British Columbia. This supports adults with FASD in a home environment with 24-hour care. She currently lives in Northern Alberta and travels primarily throughout Alberta and British Columbia with her work. She’s also a qualified supplier to the governments of Alberta and British Columbia.