Norm Gibson

Norm Gibson, leader of the Rebuilding Seminars in Boulder, CO, has helped 100's of women and men find better lives after a break-up or divorce. He himself attended the Rebuilding Seminar in 1995, when he was going through his own divorce with two small children. He felt embarrassed going into the first session because he knew he would be vulnerable as a therapist of many years in the Boulder community. In fact, one of the participants was a former client; but the experience they shared in Rebuilding was the perfect thing for both of them. After graduating from the class, he was invited to become a Seminar facilitator, and for the 20 years since has taught 78 Ten-week Seminars. Today, Norm's children are thriving in their adult lives. Norm is a new grandfather and engaged to be married in 2016. Norm Gibson, LCSW, did his graduate work in clinical social work at the University of Chicago. His co-facilitator for the Seminar program is life-coach Mary Harbison, MA, also of Boulder.