Stacey LL  Couch

Stacey LL Couch

Stacey Couch, CSP, CAC has dedicated her life to nurturing the sacred bond between humans and nature. She works as a publicist and journalist for Mother Nature, empowering people with the ability to form a real connection with their own souls. As a child, Stacey practiced energy medicine, read Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and studied power animals. Early on her mother taught her new age spirituality. Today Stacey Couch owns Wild Gratitude LLC a shamanic practice that offers individual healing, spiritual consulting and workshops. With Decades of experience with wildlife, rescue animals, and spiritual studies, She is able to make the world of shamanism easily accessible to others. Stacey is author of the book,"Gracious Wild" and also writes for a number of blogs including The Mindful Word and SageWoman. Her writing can be found at Stacey lives on a 38-acre small mountain farm outside of Pagosa Springs, CO with her husband, two cats, dog, chickens, and two mustang mares.