Dr. Marcia A.  Harris

Dr. Marcia A. Harris

Marcia A. Harris, MD, LHD (Hon) is a practicing physician in New York City. She delivered thousands of babies for 27 years at the New York Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center after Medical School at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. After a severe health condition landed her in the hospital 14 years ago, she shifted her focus to wellness and prevention and now practices Integrative, Complementary and Anti-Aging Medicine at Patients Medical, PC in Manhattan. Dr. Harris speaks with the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network and devotes a great deal of time to patient education through free and low-cost seminars and workshops at schools, churches and retreats. She has multiple published articles, both medical and secular. This is her first full-length work. Marcia has two children, Dana Marie and Michael, and one granddaughter, Dylan Olivia and resides in New Jersey, where she also is active in her local church congregation and community organizations. Dr. Harris’s personal motto is: If better is possible, good is not enough.