Ray  Podder

Ray Podder

Ray Podder is a Designer, Strategist, Author, Digital Architect, Alchemist and the founder of GROW. Combining the next stories of us with the latest decentralized technologies to solve for universal sustainability. Synthesizing art, innovation, science, regenerative economics and evolutionary strategy towards serving the highest quality of life for all life. Ray’s journey towards solving for universal sustainability started back in 2010, when he accidentally stumbled upon deep systemic flaws in our current socioeconomic paradigm, while architecting and designing smart grid energy infrastructure apps and the energy efficiency web portal for California. Upon realizing the futility of his then vocation, he left his 20+ year career as a designer, creative director and digital strategist, to author ONE, a 400+ page book about our decentralized energy independence, and how everything connects to everything else. Since then, he has been passionate about putting his ideas into action.