Arnie  Malham

Arnie Malham

In 1994, Arnie launched cj Advertising (cj), an agency focused solely on growing personal injury law firms. Built on a foundation of financial comparison models extracted from his bank experience, and advertising insight gained from his time at the TV station, the agency grew rapidly. cj Advertising grew to become the largest full-service legal advertising agency in the country. cj gained recognition in multiple publications as one of Nashville’s best places to work and was the 2012 Winner of Nashville Business Journal’s “Best in Business” award. After internally running an innovative pay for reading program for over 7 years within the agency, was launched in late 2014 so that others could implement this overwhelmingly effective platform for their teams. Arnie believes that different is better than good; that outliers are fascinating; that mindset is everything; and he has no problem with getting it wrong until he gets it right.