Dr. Stephen Hoag

Dr. Stephen Hoag’s career includes teaching, researching, writing, administering and creating programs for students in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. His PhD dissertation was titled “All-Student Construct”. He began work in 1973 at the Norristown Area High School, Pennsylvania, where his students won the national No.1 ranking in a special program. He wrote and produced a student-performed musical, “Decades of Diamonds” that won national acclaim. He was honored as the Greater Philadelphia Teacher of the Year. In 1977 he joined the Connecticut State Department of Education where he created a statewide student organization, the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. He created, developed and continues to administer the first statewide assessment program for career and technical education in Connecticut. He’s the coordinator for the United States Senate Youth Program and Blue Ribbon Schools. His book, “A Son’s Handbook, Bringing up Mother with Alzheimer’s/Dementia”, was published in 2013.