Tyler  Shores

Tyler Shores

Tyler Shores received his Master’s from the University of Oxford where his research included literary copyright, digital technology, and books as physical/digital objects. He received his B.A. in English and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley where he created and for 6 semesters taught a course on The Simpsons and Philosophy. He has also been contributor to the Blackwell Popular Culture and Philosophy book series including “Heroes and Philosophy,” “Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy,” “Arrested Development and Philosophy,” “30 Rock and Philosophy,” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Philosophy.” Mr. Shores has contributed to The Oxonian Review, a literary publication based in the University of Oxford, and he also worked at Google as part of Authors@Google. He worked as a director of digital textbooks in the field of nonprofit education and currently works at Stanford University. He also likes to discover new bookstores, take pictures of weird food, and write.