Robin  Mack

Robin Mack

Robin Chapman Mack is the owner, director, and choreographer for Studio M dance in Rockwall, Tx, and also teaches for her aunt Kitty Carter in Dallas. Having taught for 30 at Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory in Dallas, Texas, Robin gained the knowledge and experience, needed to branch out on her own, and open Studio M in 2006. Robin, since the age of two and a half, grew up under the instruction of her aunt Kitty, training, performing, and competing until the age of eighteen, when Robin began teaching classes of her own. At the age of twenty, Robin was selected to go on a six week dance tour across the United States, in which she had the chance to study with and be mentored by such greats as Thommie Walsh who originated the role of “Bobby” in the original “A chorus Line” on Broadway, and Scott Benson, who was in the Michael Jackson video “Smooth Criminal”, just to name one of his many credits. Robin teaches hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, and tap. Robin’s style is edgy, and innovative, with an emphasis on being unique, while at the same time being age-appropriate for her students. Her classes are energetic, and fun, while remaining structured, and challenging. She believes in showing respect for your teacher, and fellow classmates, at all times, in order to enjoy the process. Whether a beginner, or an advanced student, Robin enjoys teaching each and every one. “Every child has strengths, every child has weaknesses, I help them to balance both, in order to grow as a dancer , and performer.” Robin Mack is a Rockwall, Texas resident, wife of Ryan M. Mack of Cox Premier Properties, and mother of Rumer Phillips, age 23 (professional dancer living in Los Angeles), Zander Mack, age 13, and Willa Mack, age 10.