Raymond V. Tamasi

Raymond V. Tamasi is the President/CEO of Gosnold on Cape Cod – the region’s leading substance abuse and mental health organization. He has been with the company since 1972 and was appointed CEO in 1991. During his tenure at Gosnold, Mr. Tamasi has overseen the development of innovative and progressive programs. Over the past 42 years, he has led the company from its humble beginnings as a small, single floor detox unit to a regional authority on addiction prevention, intervention, education, treatment and recovery. Raymond has worked tirelessly to serve those affected by addiction and to expand access to quality treatment programs through the development and implementation of innovative and cost-effective initiatives. These efforts have been honored by several behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations. Raymond is committed to redefining addiction prevention, intervention, education, treatment and management by treating addiction as the chronic illness that it is.