Tim  Kight

Tim Kight

Tim Kight is the Founder of Focus 3, a leadership consulting firm that is notable for its work with Urban Myer at Ohio State University. Companies across the United States are recognizing Tim as a powerful voice on the performance of people and organizations. With a contagious energy, Tim provides insight into the “physics of performance.” About Focus 3: “Exceptional leaders, an engaging culture, & intentional behavior of employees cannot be copied or commoditized. These things, when built with a systematic purpose, are lasting. They guide an organization successfully through any strategy, process, or change initiative.” “Our goal is to equip your leaders & your people with skills for winning.” “More importantly, we equip you to equip yourself. We provide the initial tools & training, you keep them going to drive results. You own your journey. We are there to assist you along the way. The main objective is for your & your organization to take ownership of the factors that determine your performance.”