Peter  Wright

Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a truly global executive experienced in leading HR functions for some of the world’s best-known companies. He has held senior positions in companies as diverse as Zurich Insurance, AIG, Estee Lauder, Merrill Lynch, BP, Allied Domecq and Unilever. He has travelled extensively and worked on every continent. He is highly skilled in leading organizations and executive teams through significant growth, crisis and business transformation, including mergers and acquisitions divestitures, restructuring, organizational transformation and public offerings. Born in London into a military family he grew up travelling around the world before attending the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and St John’s College Cambridge where he earned a Masters Degree in History. He served the first twelve years of his adult life as an army officer in the British Army. At the beginning of 2014 Peter took his many years of experience and applied it to the founding of his own consultancy Acorn Strategy Consulting. Peter has a unique lens on the realities of global leadership and change management. In particular, he has a great deal of insight into how leaders need to perform when a crisis happens, particularly ones that are in the public eye – what makes others follow willingly, what instills confidence and how leaders should prepare. Those views have significant implications for leadership even under normal circumstances. Peter has a highly entertaining, provocative and motivational style and is respected for delivering sound and workable end results.