Maxwell  Addae

Maxwell Addae

Through his formal and informal training, Maxwell will be creating his first feature film, which due to the subject matter, will require parts of him that he hasn’t accessed with even those closest to him. Maxwell remembers how full film made me feel. The wider his palate for film became, the hungrier he was to feed it. The insight he gained made it clear to him that he wanted to understand and contribute to the powerful art of cinema. As challenging and eye opening as this path continues to be; Maxwell has never regretted the decision. “Thunder” is a story about a former death doula who is forced out of retirement to help his terminal grandfather transition, which puts him on a search for the nefarious family member who left his grandfather to die alone. While that logline may suggest the opportunity for a punishingly mournful film based on Maxwell’s own experience with death and loss, “Thunder” is actually a coming of age feature, which deals with themes of identity, family, and fear.