Kim  Cook

Kim Cook

Kim Cook is an RN who delighted in caring for elementary school children, yet desired to work with older students as well. One day, on a whim, she googled “Health Education”. Within the afternoon, much to her husband’s bewilderment, she had enrolled at Northern Illinois University to begin her new destiny as a certified middle-and high-school health teacher. After hobnobbing for four years with remarkable educators and young adults also entering the field, she graduated with the satisfaction of a career well-chosen. Earning her LGBT certification and minoring in psychology, and eventually earning her Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification, she is well-rounded in her academic knowledge base. However, raising three really cool daughters has been an education that cannot be taught in the classroom. (Coolness runs in the family. The maternal side.) TeenWorldConfidential is a project that began in 2013 with a desire to offer medically-accurate, fact-based information about sexuality health to adolescents and the adults in their lives using a straightforward yet humorous approach. Addressing sexuality health in a sex-positive, nonjudgmental manner can help keep lines of communication open and build trust with young people. Using this information will inspire dialogue between adults (parents, caregivers, teachers, etc) and young people, as well as inform about different aspects of sexuality health that may be unfamiliar. She believes in the philosophy that knowledge is power: The more information given – solid, medically-accurate, honest information – the better informed choices kids will make.