Elizabeth  Barris

Elizabeth Barris

Elizabeth Barris became an anti-EMR (electromagnetic radiation) activist when she became electro-sensitive, and it began to affect her health. She didn’t set out to do that, but found that there was no other advocacy in the cause. She has founded several non-profit organizations that regularly present to communities, news outlets, governmental bodies, legislators and courtrooms on the issues of basic health and human rights violations, public health and the effects of runaway EMR. She has sued Edison and PG&E for health effects of “Smart Meters” and the “smart” grid. Ms. Barris is now making a documentary film about EMR and the lengths to which government and industry have gone to hide its health effects from the public. Email: contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org Tel: 310-455-7530 (direct) or 310-281-9639 (voice mail) Websites: http://citizensforaradiationfreecommunity.org/ - smart meter lawsuits http://www.thepeoplesinitiative.org/ - non profit http://stopsmartgrid.org/ - lobby against smart grid/smart meters http://americanassociationforcellphonesafety.org/ - lobby for brain cancer warnings in cell phones