Mari  Hall

Mari Hall

American Reiki Master Mari Hall is a Professor and Doctor of Education in Social services and also holds an honorary Doctorate in Theology. Mari is the co-founder/facilitator of the yearly 21-day Virtual Usui Retreat… She was one of the first Masters of Reiki to bring Reiki to the UK, and the first to teach Reiki in Norway and Czechoslovakia. She is a highly respected figure in the wider Reiki community. She is the Founding Director of the International Association of Reiki (est.1989), who has influenced the development of professional Reiki practice and the standards for teaching. Mari has actively worked with the International Board of Complementary medicine for the standardizing of teaching and professional practice of Reiki within the European Union. She was nominated for the prestigious Heart of the country award, which is the Czech equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize. For information on Mari see