Andrew  Marr

Andrew Marr

CEO and Founder

Andrew serves as President of the Warrior Angels Foundation. He is currently transitioning from the Army due to injuries received in combat. Andrew enlisted in the service after graduating college to, "Serve God and Country, Fight evil, kill as many of the enemy as possible." Andrews spent his career as a Special Forces Green Beret. He suffered multiple TBI’s serving as an explosive breacher and being in and around countless explosions on numerous deployments. His trials and tribulations have been a true awakening to what life is like with a brain injury, the state of military healthcare, and the shameful behavior and treatment that many of our WARRIORS endure. He has the greatest respect for all who serve encompassing our U.S. ARMED FORCES, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE FIGHTERS, EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS, or all other GOVERNMENT AGENCY WARRIORS. It is his new purpose to provide no cost TBI treatment options to all these selfless WARRIORS.