Robert  Cabral

Robert Cabral

Robert Cabral founded Bound Angels after an accidental trip to a local animal shelter. Since that day he’s been working to make the world a better place for animals living in our nation’s shelters. His background is varied and includes martial art master teacher, photographer, and author, however he is always focused on is making the world a better place for those who can’t help themselves. Through Bound Angels, Robert has formed solid relationships with rescue groups, animal rights leaders, shelter workers and management. His background, unique ability in canine behavior, passion and simple behavior assessments has helped to save the lives of countless dogs sentenced to death at local shelters. He has developed the Shelter Angel Video Program which features adoptable dogs in movies on the Bound Angels YouTube channel. Robert’s authored books “Selling Used Dogs” and “Desperate Dogs Determined Measures” have an emphasis on shelter dog’s behavioral issues and how to save them.