Nanette  Wheeler-Carter

Nanette Wheeler-Carter

Nanette Wheeler-Carter, a lifelong animal rescuer from birds & frogs, dogs & elephants. Nanette spent five years in pre-med which then turned toward a career as a Petrochemical Engineer. Retired from executive level high tech, she advocated education about finite life sustaining resources. Now, from a multifaceted and expert background, she is utilizing her entrepreneurial expertise into combines over 40 years experience & education to benefit indigenous Africans to generate sustainable, renewable revenue sources to help stop the need to poach for survival. In the USA Nanette works to educate the benefits of LIVE wildlife toward passing legislation to stop the demand for ivory, rhino horn & other endangered wildlife. Fighting from inside out Ms. Wheeler-Carter is an ORGANIC candidate to fulfill Barbara Boxer's US Senate seat in 2016. Amidst all this, Nanette is mother of 3 and step-mother to 4 adult children and seven special needs dogs